Annabelle Sophia Malkovich is usually a 20-year-old health center receptionist whose life is definitely dominated by solving the murder of her friend, Ross Morris. Ross was poisoned this year 2010 2010 and the killer was taken to justice never.

She actually is an American Christian who defines herself as gay. She didn’t end college. She is delicate to wool. She’s a serious phobia of feet, and it is enthusiastic about Donald Trump.

Physically, Annabelle fit is who is usually. She actually is very high with light epidermis and skin pores, copper locks and brown eye. She has a couple of distinguishing features including a birthmark on her behalf staying shoulder and a tattoo of Donald Trump on her behalf left shoulder.

She was raised in a middle income neighbourhood. Her dad staying when she was young, departing her with her mom, who was simply an addict.

She actually is in a romantic relationship with Tia Laura Ross currently. Tia is the same age group as her and works as students.

Annabelle’s closest friend is a health center receptionist called Asher O’Ryan. They employ a firey companionship. She hangs around with a health centre receptionist called Mitchell Young also. They together enjoy cookery.