Trendy Unisex Jewelry Styles

History of Unisex Jewelry

Unisex jewelry has been around for decades, but popularity has recently shifted towards a more mainstream market where both genders have the opportunity to fully express themselves. Traditionally, jewelry has been associated with femininity, but as social norms change, jewelry has become more and more gender-neutral. It began in the 60s and 70s with the rise of rock stars who donned large statement pieces that transcended gender boundaries. In the 80s, power dressing became mainstream, and unisex jewelry styles such as cuffs, oversized watches, and statement earrings were paired with suits as a symbol of confidence. Supplement your study with Delve into this interesting material suggested external site, filled with additional and relevant information about the subject. unisex earrings, uncover fresh information and intriguing perspectives.

Current Trends in Unisex Jewelry Styles

Currently, jewelry designers are playing with shapes, textures, and materials to make jewelry that is both versatile and gender-inclusive. Chunky silver rings, woven leather bracelets, and long necklaces made of various mixed metals are just a few examples of current trends in unisex jewelry. Minimalist jewelry, which features geometric shapes made from metal and natural materials, is also a popular choice for those interested in gender-neutral styles.

Another trend is the use of precious and semi-precious stones in unique settings, creating jewelry pieces that are more minimalistic without sacrificing elegance. Gemstones like Opal, Alexandrite, and Agate offer unisex appeal through their eye-catching colors and set against metals such as sterling silver.

Body Jewelry

Body jewelry and piercings are another type of unisex jewelry that has exploded on the fashion scene. Dainty chain ear cuffs and septum piercings are just two examples of body jewelry that can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender.

  • Nose ring stud with diamond Inlay
  • Opal Belly Ring
  • Moon and Star Nose Stud
  • Body jewelry is great for adding visual interest to an outfit, and the designs available are endless, making it an excellent choice for someone who wants to experiment with different styles and trends without fully committing.

    Trendy Unisex Jewelry Styles 1

    Unisex Watches

    Watches are a classic staple for both men and women, and many watch designs are equally suited for either gender. In fact, recent trends have shown a focus on blending traditional men’s and women’s watch options to create a single, unisex design. Large faces and simple bands are popular design features for unisex watches, as well as a focus on natural materials like leather or wood.


    In conclusion, the concept of unisex jewelry is not new, but it has never been more popular. The rise of gender-neutral fashion and social norms that allow for more fluid gender expression has led to an explosion in unisex jewelry design. Body jewelry, watches, and gemstones set against mixed metals are just a few examples of the many choices available. Whatever your style preference may be, there is unisex jewelry out there that can help you fully express yourself without the constraints of traditional fashion norms. Want to keep exploring the subject? stud earrings, we’ve chosen Delve into this interesting material resource to supplement your learning.