How Much Does it Cost to Incorporate in Each State? For the new small business owner, a common question is, “Where should I incorporate my business? Some entrepreneurs choose to form an LLC or incorporate their current address, while others opt for a business-friendly state like Delaware or the condition with the lowest fees. As you’ll see below, states vary when it comes to the formation and annual report fees. It’s appealing to choose the lowest costs available, but retain in mind that the cheapest state to form an LLC or a company won’t necessarily save you money.

When you include in one condition and then are literally located or do business in another condition, you’ll need to register in the other state as well. And that means paying those condition processing fees and fees. While smaller businesses will reap the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC in the continuing state where they’re located, it’s always good to start to see the prices differences across the 50 states.

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To that end, here’s a compilation of the development and annual maintenance fees for every state. Which state do you think is the best to incorporate in, looking at the overall costs? Eventually, the continuing state you document your corporation or LLC in is your decision, however it is generally recommended to document in the state where in fact the business will actually be located. This will prevent any foreseeable need to foreign qualify the business or be registered in multiple states.

Nellie: Thanks for your reply! Sooner or later in time, I would like to register an organization in my own old research location, Manchester, New Hampshire. A wide range is missed by you of costs in this comparison. Per 12 months to file their 500. 800 if you there are included. Those are the two states I understand of, therefore I can assume that lots of more states have other direct costs of incorporation that are left out of this comparison.

You should redo this including those additional costs so people can do a real comparison. Thanks a lot Tim for reading my commenting and post! Yes, you are correct – there are other fees and taxes associated with running a business in various states. However, this post was designed to outline just the fees associated with incorporating and/or forming an LLC in each state.

Great idea to do a follow-up post including all other fees, therefore I could keep that at heart definitely! ‘s almost impossible to find a comparison on the internet which includes all the costs, including the largest cost of most; franchise tax. I am presently starting an LLC in Michigan this month and in a couple of months and I am moving to Texas.