In an affluent democracy with easy access to reasonably priced food you’ll at all times have overweight folk. Way back I predicted that overweight and obesity will stabilize at 75-80% of the population and the relatively lean will become a forgotten minority group who create weight loss campaigns. I’ll nonetheless proceed to unfold the message, but resign myself to spreading it to an ever-bigger inhabitants.

The stupid shall be punished. There aren’t any shortcuts to anyplace value getting. There is no such thing as new accidents, just new victims. Unnecessary dangers might leave you on the sidelines as a substitute of in the game. What would enhance security on your job? When safety is first, you last. Your accidents have an effect on others too. Your safety is everyone’s accountability, especially yours.

Work secure today—heaven can wait. A fugitive from the laws of averages—that’s you if you don’t use your security gear. A safer you are a safer me. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Apply your good intention to accident prevention. As screwed up as a bag of wire coat hangers—maintenance performed without the MIMS.

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Better to have two on the job than one within the hospital. Better tie off than to fly off. Be a pacesetter, observe protected procedures. Be proactive—not reactive—towards security. Be security-smart proper from the start. Before utilizing any new tools, learn and absolutely understand the manufacturer’s instructions. Before you do it, take time to suppose via it.

Being safe is like breathing—you by no means need to stop. Broken instruments can be changed. Don’t be a fool! Inspect your electrical tools. Do not be an idiot. Use the correct instrument. Don’t repair the blame, fix the issue. Don’t simply preach security, revenue from it. Don’t be taught safety by accident. Don’t let the light exit, wear eye protection.

Don’t overload extension cords. Don’t put your life on the line. Don’t take unnecessary risks, use operational threat administration. Double test to prevent a wreck. Electricity can flip you off. Expect the unexpected. Gear up for safety. Eyes are priceless, eye safety is cheap. Falling objects will be brutal if you do not protect your noodle. FOD: This isn’t your daddy’s flight line. Forgot your listening to safety?

Get assist if the load too heavy. Get In S.T.E.P.—Safety Takes Every Person. Use safety from the start. Hand in, hamburger out. Hard hats, they don’t seem to be just for decoration. Hearing protection is a sound investment. If you do not know what goes to occur, there is no way to stop it.

Plan ahead for security. It hurts to be unsafe. Living together with your errors is tougher than you assume. Wear your security gear. Make safety first, and make it last. My job provides my paycheck, however safety takes me home. Operational Risk Management—it’s not only for the workplace. Operational Risk Management prevents accidents. Organ donor—a one that would not put on his or her helmet.

Safety gear: two minutes. Risk evaluation: five minutes. A mishap that takes a life: forever. There isn’t any face like your own, put on face protection. Wear the right protective gear for the job. A fugitive from the legal guidelines of averages: one that would not put on a helmet while driving a motorcycle.

A fugitive from the laws of averages—that’s you in case you drink and drive. Alcohol reduces efficiency, impairs judgment, and will increase the willingness to take risks. Better late on this world than early to the subsequent. Caution: I brake for stop signs. Chance takers are accident makers. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Drinking and driving—there are stupider issues, however it’s a really quick list.