Target is bringing more black woman magic to the people after an 18-year-old business owner landed a offer to partner and bring her beauty brand to the big box retailer, Black News reported. Zandra Cunningham, a 2018 Young Futurists, developed plant-based skincare products called Zandra Beauty that will strike go for Target shelves-a major feat for the Buffalo soon, N.Y. “I am so excited to offer my unique brand of American made yuck free products in an exclusive gift container designed specifically for Target,” Cunningham said in a declaration.

From our Kitchen Table to 707 Target Stores! A motivational minute… We’ve been grinding for 8 years! This thing has evolved from a 9-year-old with a adorable little hobby to an international brand. If Zandra can take action. Young Mogul you can too! Our tribe is the best, we couldn’t have done it without you all…THANK YOU! Cunningham secured shelf space on her behalf Zandra Treat Yo Self Gift Box. The plant based line includes nourishing hand & body cream, exfoliating glucose scrub, and acclaimed lip and body balm. Cunningham started her beauty business at the tender age of nine and continued to hustle until her dream was realized.

“That is yet another desire come true for me personally. I am working hard to pave just how for other indie brands with young CEOs,” Cunningham continued. “My trip hasn’t been easy but it’ll forever be worthwhile. Cunningham’s line has some 50 plant-based skincare products that offers being chemical-free.

She trekked them around at local farmer’s markets in Buffalo, N.Y. Now the teen CEO has hit the big style with her focus on run. Cunningham has found her specific niche market with the plant-based epidermis products, but Black hair products are big business too. Still Black women suffer from being targeted for the way they look. Hopefully Cunningham won’t run into that issue but recently a Black information anchor in Mississippi was fired because her bosses allegedly desired her to look similar to a beauty queen.

  • 2 avocados, completely mashed into a paste
  • “As if you were on fire from within
  • 9 . Ways to get Younger Looking Skin with Grape Seed Oil
  • This Old House: Little green thumbs
  • 1/2 tsp. of sea salt
  • Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils*

Atlanta news anchor Francesca Amiker took everyone by surprise when she spoke out about how she’s happy to wear her natural locks on air. “With naturalistas under fire in the news headlines industry, I am PROUDLY representing what many Black woman look like in their normal life … with this anchor desk. Morning Good, Atlanta. Tune in NOW. Protecting my hair and my peace. MorningRushATL” @FranTVHost wrote on Twitter.

And it didn’t oxidize. But damn, that color. You can see the difference between my face and my neck clearly. And as you can see, it is not very matte either. Kiedy uzywam ja bez primera na mojej pomarszczonej twarzy, wlazi w kazde zalamanie i kazda najmniejsza nawet zmarszczke. Nawet w tych miejscach, gdzie nie wiedzialam, ze zmarszczki mam. Bez primera kazdy por natychmiast wyglada na pieknie podkreslony i wyolbrzymiony.

Ale kiedy twarz jest nawilzona i potraktowana baza pod makijaz, ta poduszka Iope zachowuje sie bez zarzutu. Dawala minimalne nawilzenie. I nie utleniala sie na twarzy. Ale ten kolor. Nic tylko plakac. Wyraznie widac linie demarkacyjna pomiedzy moja twarza, a szyja. Where I cannot complain at all is its stamina.

It stays set up for solid 8 hours with no touchups and setting up powders. I found it didn’t actually want to cooperate with any additional powders on top. It worked well best still left to its devices when applied over a primer (and a sunblock!). And yes, a fragrance is experienced by it.