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Such attacks can be avoided by changing wp- to another term. For instance, you may make it my- or wine-. If you have installed your WordPress website with the default prefix already, then you can use a few plugins to change it. Plugins like WP-DBManager or iThemes Security can help you do the working job with simply a click of a button. No matter how secure your WordPress website is, there is certainly room for improvements always.

  • Make sure to center it
  • Communicate with your customers through the page directly,
  • 10 Top Google Play Alternative App Stores
  • Then Add “v2.” in the links … as shown below
  • That’s it. Done! Now you have full access to target computer
  • Two pieces (here and here) about planning and performing an effective web task
  • Share, where appropriate, MD5 hashes so the community can advantage

But at the end of your day, keeping an off-site backup somewhere is perhaps the best antidote no matter what happens. If you have a backup, you can bring back your WordPress website to a working condition any right time you want. There are some plugins that can help you in this respect.

For example, there are all of these. If you are searching for a premium solution then I recommend VaultPress by Automattic, which is excellent. Backups every week I’ve it creates so that it creates. And really should anything bad happen ever, I can restore the site with just one click easily. I know some larger websites run every hour backups, but also for most organizations that is complete overkill.

Not to mention, you would must ensure that most of those backups are being deleted after a fresh one is made since each back-up file occupies space on your drive. Having said that, I’d recommend monthly or weekly backups for some organizations. Together with the backups, VaultPress also checks my site for malware and alerts me if anything shady is certainly going on.

A strong password for the primary database user is crucial since this password is the main one WordPress uses to gain access to the data source. As always, use uppercase, lowercase, amounts, and special character types for the security password. Passphrases are great as well. I again recommend LastPass for arbitrary password generation and storing once. A free of charge, and quick, tool to make strong passwords is the Secure Password Generator. When you’re operating WordPress multisite, or handling a multi-author website, it’s essential to understand what type of user activity is certainly going on. Your contributors and writers might be changing passwords, but there are other things you may not want to happen.