Robertson Hails Liverpool’s Iron Will After Last-gasp Winner

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson insists the players’ perception and resilience mean they will never give up a result before final whistle. Late interventions appear ingrained in the club’s DNA as that was their 33rd earning goal in the 90th minute or later in Premier League history, eight more than any other club.

One thing is certain and this is the players won’t give up for the reason that quest for a long-awaited league championship. I believe it originates from the complete squad having the right attitude and belief that people are sufficient to win any game,’ said Robertson. We know we’ve got the power, we know we’ve got the heart to visit right until the end in every solitary game. Our fitness levels are the best they must be at this point of the season, so we realize we can go right to the end.

Looking at the little league table that’s all that matters. Victory put Liverpool back together with the desk with a two-point advantage over City, who’ve a match in hand. However, Robertson will not believe the effect will have adversely impacted on their name rivals. I believe they have the same attitude as us in that we can only control what we can do,’ added the Scotland captain.

They devote a good performance against a attempting Fulham team (on Saturday) and they got the three points. That they had the benefit of heading first this week and maybe they were wishing Tottenham could come here and get something and it appeared that way for very long periods of the second half. But Robertson said no-one got overly enthusiastic with the festivities. We are obviously buzzing with the three points but nothing has been won, just a game, and we’ve quite a distance to look,’ he said. There will not be over-celebration.

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