Sir Stuart said: ‘They cannot do the reading. They cannot do arithmetic. A significant poll by the charity of around 2,000 business market leaders over 1. 5 years found the training black hole was their second biggest headache following the recession. Many teenagers simply don’t have the ‘ employability’, lacking skills from reading and writing to punctuality, presentation and communication, it found.

Yesterday business lobby groups also weighed in. Stephen Alambritis, from the Federation of SMALLER BUSINESSES, said many bosses spend ‘two to four weeks’ assisting to educate teenagers when they join the firm. Tesco boss Sir Terry recently said: ‘As the biggest private employer in the country, we depend on high standards in our universities. Sadly, despite all the money that has been spent, criteria are still woefully low in too many universities. Employers like us tend to be left to get the pieces.

Private Retirement Accounts calculator? The National Center for Policy Analysis has one too. Are either of these worthwhile? Heck, even I have no idea yet! I hope you hang in there and considering that the vast majority of you have uncovered this site through the Carnival of the Capitalists, I am hoping to participate again there soon as well.

A NEW YORK Superior Court judge has ruled that the re-vote for North Carolina Agricultural Commissioner is unnecessary (HT: Timothy Goddard) and has called off another state-wide election for the post. As the incumbent, Democrat Britt Cobb may appeal the ruling still, the clearness of the statutes regulating elections in NEW YORK don’t offer much hope for the condition Democratic Party’s try to perform an end-run around the law.

If only they could place electoral process integrity before nakedly partisan politics passions in Washington, where amazing irregularities in the 2004 state governor’s election do justify conducting a particular election to determine the legitimate result of the competition. The Weekend paper Among my favorite things you can do is to learn.

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I really do proceed through all the SmartSource coupons, the best Buy/Circuit City/etc. JCPenney/Sears/section store sales circulars, and even the inserts from discounters like Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Target. So, I had been surprised to find that the target had positioned a special advertising insert in my own Sunday Arizona Republic earlier this week, far beyond their usual weekly advertising insert, this one promoting the business’s Community Giving efforts. Why is this insert uncommon is the framework? As an MBA student, I can appreciate that kind of advertising is directed toward developing a positive image of the company.

It’s the kind of thing you observe incorporated in a publicly exchanged company’s annual survey (see page 14), where the goal is to “sell” the business to its current and potential stockholders. It’s the type of thing the truth is when a company desires to convince a residential area that it is a good neighbor, usually when it plans on growing into a recognized neighborhood (guide: Wal-Mart).

And it is also the kind of thing you will probably see whenever a company has broken its reputation, and as a consequence, has damaged its business as well also. And so, I really believe this last probability is the reason why Target’s special promotion has appeared among the advertising inserts of my Sunday paper. There’s no arguing that focus on is nice to its chosen charities.

Ultimately though, the business’s problem is not about if the Target is a charitable company itself, it is about the business’s decision to sever a long-term relationship with the Salvation Army. Will Target’s work at harm control by public relations and marketing work? I’m sure that over a long period of time that customers offended by Target’s plan change will go back to its stores but only from then on very long time has handed down. I believe that target is lacking a real chance to repair its image and brand identification in the short term by not acknowledging its errors in this matter, its fundamental error in understanding the objectives of its customers especially.