Are you in need of new physical education activities using equipment staples like cones and hoops? Look further than these fun and simple ideas no! 1. Flip It Fitness – For the sign have your students set up next to a pair up cones. Each learning student tries to flip his/her cone until it lands on its base!

The first successful student provides his/her partner higher five and say “good game”. The earning college student then jogs throughout the play area to a find a new challenger. They do this by looking for a student who is doing jumping jacks. They are the individuals who were unsuccessful through the challenge.

Check out Justin Cahill’s example. 2. Flip It Relays – Separate your class into relay sets of any size. Over the indication, see which group can win the relay by flipping some cones that are spread out down the fitness center. Have the training students take becomes flipping the cones. If successful, they move on to the next cone. If not, the group does a designated exercise one time together as a team prior to the next person in the group gives it a go.

The activity maintains heading until one group wins the relay competition. Have a look at Ken Smith’s variance of the Cone Flipping Game (Kevin Tiller). 3. Flip It with Skill Development – Identical to Flip It Fitness & Flip It Relay except all the students dribble a golf ball while playing the overall game.

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Check out Mike Morris’ variance on the Cone Flip Race (Kevin Tiller). Need to revise your cones? Check out this selection of Cones, all supported by an Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 1. Fitness Timer – Hands a hoop to each pupil as he/she gets into the fitness center. You can either have students come up with their own exercise or you can write some on a whiteboard and/or use a projector with a summary of exercises they can choose from. The learning students then choose any exercise they would like to do and spin their hoop.

They perform the exercise before hoop completely halts spinning. Continue until the music stops. Have a look at this example video! 2. Partner Fitness Timer – Identical to Fitness Timer, but now it’s done in pairs. One student picks the exercise, as the other pupil spins the hoop. The action proceeds before the music stops. See the Partner Fitness Timer does his thing!