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The markets for most investments have observed an extended bull market for a couple of years now and, like the majority of traders, times have been good. That said, values in many markets are expensive, or either, if not expensive, hardly represent a bargain. So I asked myself what assets I could identify that have been poor performers, and could, just may, merit a counter-cyclical investment.

OK, I know that artists and momentum investors (of which I am not one) would argue that investing against the tendency is very risky however the lure of the cheap may also be hard to resist. 2. Housing prices in America: I don’t know enough about this someone to comment.

4. Low fat hogs: low fat hog prices have fallen significantly since August. 5. Soybean essential oil: an enormous fall within the last few weeks. I have no idea why. 6. Sugar: generally in down tendency for approximately a 12 months. 7. Credit devices: a few of these have taken a hammering in the credit turmoil. 8. Shares in banking institutions and other finance institutions: I am prohibited to deal in individual shares, which means this will be excluded from further evaluation. I possibly could add items like farm land in Zimbabwe to the list, but that is a little extreme for my taste. I’m sure there are other unloved investments out there but items 3-6 above will provide for the purposes of my preliminary research. At this stage, I’ve not researched some of them, but it will be interesting to see what I come up with.

The south resolved with many from the sailing industry and the ones who like to go on land close to one of the world’s leading sailing locations for that sailing vibe. Jolly Harbor will challenge the mind when deciding where to live if you are a sailor, but also for everyone else it means that the infrastructure has been built within the area already.

  1. Use the income to buy asset(s)
  2. Geoff Krueger Jr, Director of African Operations, DTZ Leadenhall, South Africa,
  3. Per Capita Public Assistance Spending
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  6. I have 36 stocks with a dividend produce higher than the historical average dividend produce

A higher density of restaurants and supermarkets (in JH) is an excellent indicator. A couple of less areas found in this part of Antigua but you may still find many new developments! Antigua hasn’t been overdeveloped unlike various other Caribbean islands. A major yachting hub in the Antigua and Caribbean. How could it be coping with Antiguans? A reputation is had by Antiguans to be relaxed and friendly. There is a fantastic rapport with expats on the island.

They don’t really consider that you will be an expat and will become assimilated into the ‘islander’ group. This is a major feature for investors who want to escape the wintertime. If issues occur, it is because of Hospitals and a lack of first-world specifications that you would find in Canada and The USA. Education as well is not respected. In fact, you find that expats and Antiguans try to get some good schooling overseas for their kids.

You could be schooled in Antigua and never have any issues of course. They probably show just how things used to be taught as with all things in Antigua – time is gradual. And for me personally that means better! Things you can do in Antigua might differ if you are resident or traveling. Of course water activities features in virtually any Caribbean island highly, Antigua is no different. You will probably find that Jolly Harbor is nearly the same as Puerto Rico in that at weekends it’s very typical thing to take the sport boat out to a beach or go have a fish.