Fields Of Operation Offered

The qualifications represent a versatile and broad-based professional training course that’s not only highly regarded by the international hospitality industry but also by other styles of business. Therefore, program graduates are welcome worldwide in all sectors that are concerned with services and service management primarily. Graduates with a qualification in Hospitality Management enjoy usage of an almost limitless variety of careers in the hospitality industry. A degree from Stenden South Africa is unique in that it prepares students for positions in international hotels, small hotel chains, restaurants, conference, and convention centers.

Furthermore, graduates are pleasant in the ongoing service industry at large covering positions in conservation, game lodge eco-tourism and management. A number of the typical positions in the hospitality industry are discussed below. That is perhaps one of the most challenging positions in the hospitality industry. The manager’s duties include human resources, budgeting, accounting and finance, food, and beverage, front office, reservations and housekeeping. Further challenges are the requirement of owning a fleet of game vehicles, each day hosting parties of guests for up to 18 hours, planning of game drives, managing the game rangers, monitoring of fences, and implementing the anti-poaching programs.

They work in large hotels, leisure centers, or animals-game reserves, supervising the daily functions of the various departments where drinks and food are produced and served to the guests. They deal with the personnel of the drink and food division. They are accountable for the look, organizing, co-ordinating, and control of the department in addition to maintaining a good relationship with suppliers of the food and drink menu. They work in a sizable convention or hotel center.

Their main responsibility is to control the services offered to guests by the workers at the front office, reservations, and housekeeping. Their main job is to manage the day-to-day service and creation of food and drinks. This may be in an organization restaurant, factory, theme park, care-centres, or other businesses. Management would include individual reference planning, budgeting, accounting & fund, and supply procurement.

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They are accountable for the daily procedures and management in a convention center that has as its main function the organization of meetings and conventions for large corporations. This job entails all aspects of the planning, organizing, co-ordinating, and control, for a successful meeting, convention, or conference. They are used in a large hotel supervising the execution of most functions where food & drink are consumed. Such functions may be, an integral part of a convention, conference, or meeting. A considerable part of this job is to manage the staff accountable for the setting-up of the function rooms and offering food and drinks to the guests. They are accountable for the sale of the ongoing service products of the hotel.

This person would usually talk with wholesale tour operators, travel agents, or companies desperate to buy a meeting or conference space in the hotel. They study financial records to be able to provide advice on money matters or prepare financial statements. They could prepare tax forms or recommend clients on certain business or financial decisions. They could examine clients’ financial records to see if they’re properly kept and reported.