No one wants to discover that their trusted personal care products are made with harmful chemicals. Thankfully, safer alternatives are available and there are steps you can take to reduce harmful exposures in your house and protect the fitness of your family. Choose products with simpler component lists and fewer synthetic chemicals. Avoid synthetic fragrance by skipping products with “scent” on the label, and use fewer products overall. Some personal maintenance systems are easy to make yourself, and this can be a great task for an ongoing party. Make your own sugar or salt scrubs or body oils, using simple, organic ingredients.

3. Research Products YourselfSince the beauty industry is basically unregulated, it’s your decision to do your own research to find the safest products. You will find no legal requirements for personal care products labeled as “pure,” “natural”, or “organic,” so look beyond the marketing statements and read brands carefully. To learn whether your go-to products are safe or not, try Think Dirty’s shop clean app.

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This easy-to-use reference ranks the protection of specific products on a scale of 1-10 and offers up cleaner solutions. While it’s possible – and becoming easier – to reduce toxic exposures in your home by purchasing safer products, it’s not possible to look our way out of this problem. Even if they’re not in your home, toxic chemicals from personal care products can finish up in our air and drinking water still, and in the homes of individuals who don’t have access to safe products. The answer: help us change the rules of the game! It shouldn’t be legal to sell cosmetics which contain dangerous elements. We’re attempting to pass new laws and regulations that protect our health and give consumers better information to make wise choices. Stay informed, speak up, and spread the word-all in our Take Action section.

Seemingly made from Ferrero Rocher wrappers, her dress was so unflattering that even Queen Bey appeared as if she have been living off little else. I don’t treatment if it was custom couture (Cong Tri, evidently; no, me neither): Beyonce must sack her stylist – or, still better, get some real friends who aren’t scared to inform her the reality. Galling as it is to see ‘Bandwagon Baroness’ Oona King is using her position to coin it in Silicon Valley, at least if she’s she can’t do too much harm abroad.

Unlike Shami Chakrabarti, ennobled by Labour also. Chakrabarti presided more than a 2016 report on anti-Semitism in Labor commissioned in the wake of, among other activities, a vile Facebook post by Naz Shah MP. Chakrabarti (a devoted Corbynista) exonerated the party of wide-spread anti-Semitism. So how come we’ve seen multiple resignations – including MP Luciana Berger – while eight former Labour activists have given evidence to the BBC’s Panorama corroborating that which was long suspected: Labour under Corbyn is institutionally anti-Semitic? Could it be that Chakrabarti, like so many, was appointed less for her skills and more on her behalf determination to please her master? President Trump is similar to a young child: constantly seeking attention.

Hence, the stream of idiotic/unpleasant/sexist/ racist tweets. So that, as every mother knows, if you reward bad behavior with attention, small children only take action more. So, rather than getting our knickers in a twist each right time The Donald says something stupid, why don’t we all stop following him just? It would be one small step for each of us – and one giant step for the sanity of mankind. When Ross Poldark burst back on to our screens in the absurdly attractive shape of Aidan Turner, a country swooned. His bare-chested masculinity, and quivering intimate tension, plus the beauty of the Cornish coastline, made the show rankings smash. Just, what a difference a few years make.

The Poldark who resurfaced on Sunday appears to have been put through a post-woke BBC diversity re-education program. His raffish tendencies excised, Ross, plus Demelza, and the rest, are engaged in a number of improbable sociable justice campaigns. About as thrilling as talking global warming with Extinction Rebellion It’s. Where’s that scythe when it’s needed by you?

Princess Beatrice joins the growing list of celebrities embracing the vegan lifestyle, in the wish of ingratiating herself with Vegan Meghan perhaps. I wish her luck – I tried it earlier this season, and it was one of the very most miserable (and windiest) few weeks of my life. There’s a significant side to the: being vegan requires huge effort.

I recently spent a couple of days in the company of a teenage vegan who has been around mostly on potato chips, caribou and avocado. Delicious as the dietary plan is, I’m not sure it is complete nutritionally. Just how many other starry-eyed young vegans are doing the same – and thereby storing up trouble for themselves in years to come? Say what you prefer about Theresa May’s famously erratic sense of rhythm, but I rather admire her awkward dance – at least she possesses it. The most recent exhibition came at the black-tie Henley Festival during the weekend, where Mrs May was spotted getting down in her now trademark jerky manner to hits by the Abba tribute band Bjorn Again. You decide to go, female. After what you’ve been through as Prime Minister, you deserve it.