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Formerly known as Peachtree Business Intelligence, Sage Business Intelligence is a reporting tool that lets you make better decisions faster. What is Sage Intelligence Reporting? Sage Intelligence is a comprehensive reporting solution that gives you access to all your business information in a single centralized location. Get customizable business reviews that are automatically up to date with real-time data, which means you can gain access to the given information you will need to make swift, assured decisions.

When sustained flexibility and depth are had a need to support your business, choose Sage 50 Reporting Intelligence. Sage Reports is an easy-to-use reporting tool that will provide you with insight into critical financial and functional areas of your business. Start making data powered decisions for your business now. With Sage Intelligence Reporting you access all your company’s data, and Microsoft® Excel® has an easy-to-use interface you are already comfortable with.

Unlike other BI software packages, Sage BI is ready to use from the start. Sage BI tools take the best of both Sage Reports and Excel and combines them into one complete intelligence confirming product. This makes it easier than previously to gain access to and interpret your company’s information. Faster – Forget about time-consuming and tiresome duties, like manual exporting, compiling, cutting and pasting, or formatting data. Easier – No more complicated, broken formulas to fix. No more reformatting the same reviews month after month.

More Accurate – See critical information on-demand, in real-time, with no need to personally revise any spreadsheets. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Drill-down for more detail. Slice and dice to get the answers you want. Make informed, confident decisions. More Visual – Include many types of graphs and graphs to get a much better feel for your computer data, and create live dashboards to progress insight into your business performance. No Install, Use – Spreadsheet centered confirming inside your Sage 50 accounting software Instantly. Who doesn’t love a quick ROI?

Sage Intelligence is ready to start from your Sage 50 accounting software. No different set up required. Sage Reporting works by linking your Sage Accounting program to Microsoft® Excel® therefore the tools and features feel familiar and intuitive already. Income Statement – Comparative Financial Report – Actual vs. Income Statement – Comparative Financial Report – Actual vs.

Balance Sheet – Comparative Financial Report – Actual vs. Prest-O-Fit companies RV parts. They needed an improved, faster, and more accurate way to inform purchasing and sales decisions. They teamed up with CBA and used Sage Sage and Quantum 50 Intelligence to streamline the process. A custom automated sales report that takes minutes to compile of hours instead.

Read about it here! We can custom-design any statement you need almost. We’ll give you total control over your reporting process. Every customization we make can be kept for future use, saving you valuable commitment. Our staff of Sage Certified Consultants are pleased to help you with the look of custom financial statements, invoices, customer statements, checks, or any other report you need. If you like, we can teach you to design your own also. Get the utmost reap the benefits of your Sage accounting software. We can personalize your reviews to your specific business needs and variables. Help everyone in your company to operate more effectively and effectively with custom business intelligence reports.

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The poor state of China today can be seen as a constant reminder of the need for immigration and the passion of foreign culture. Great countries depend on a functioning network of free trade to be able to facilitate ethnic diffusion and continuing recycling of ideas and achievements. However, concern with immigrants has resurfaced as nationwide security once again becomes a basic principle concern of the American people in post-September 11th America.

The CIA director, George Tenet in 2002, defiantly remarked, “globalization is a profoundly disruptive power for governments to manage.” This comment in many ways parallels the ethnocentric mentality held by the ancient Chinese of the Ming dynasty. America’s ethnocentricity can be best seen in March of 2003 in the Unites States unilateral decision to invade Iraq and their blatant disregard for the US.

In his reserve, Democracy in the, Alexis de Tocqueville talked about American approval of immigration as “the nature of equality”. Equality, in its most literal interpretations, hasn’t, and can never happen in the world of politics. Equality in the United States has meant ‘we are all equal’ never, equality has never meant identical lives based around identical economic and political power.