Why Queen Latifah Created CoverGirl Queen Collection

While making her press rounds for women Trip, Queen Latifah stopped by Ebro in the Morning to talk about her illustrious music and film career thus far. That conversation included reliving some of her greatest accomplishments, like the long-running CoverGirl Queen collection. Back in 2006, the wonder giant invited her to become a brand ambassador and almost immediately, Latifah knew it was a chance she needed to take. This is something I had formed seen advertisements of my whole life and I thought of how big that would be,” Latifah recalled. Reflecting more on her experience with the brand even, main things she observed was that the majority of the makeup formulas to get didn’t flatter brownish skin.

At the time, Latifah appreciated them being “ashy” and offering off a gray undertone on your skin. Ultimately, she knew her collaboration with the ongoing company would be much more hands-on. In fact, Latifah remembers the moment that inspired her to create a collection specifically for women of color. After joining the CoverGirl family Shortly, she was approached by a female in the airport who congratulated her on the brand partnership but still felt underrepresented in the makeup aisle.

“The woman came up if you ask me and was like, ‘I’m so happy for you and CoverGirl. ‘Alright, let’s go make a tone in your tone’. I thought why am I CoverGirl if we can’t get our different shades? Queen says she and her team offered the idea of a collection to CoverGirl immediately, who quickly got up to speed. “…The first thing we did was go directly to the chemist and got rid of that ashy stuff that makes Black girls look gray. They weren’t the shades that made the skin we have to look just how it should look…We just didn’t have sufficient shades offered to us.

I thought well if I’m a CoverGirl, I have to try to make this happen. Eventually, consumers flocked to the stores to not only to buy something created by Queen herself, but something they might use, too. And a decade later, the Queen collection remains and one of the most popular lines of makeup for girls of color. We love that Queen Latifah had taken her opportunity with CoverGirl and paid it ahead.

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