In class we had to choose out of a hat for a particular effect wound to make in companions, my partner (Ruby) and myself picked a bullet wound. Special results makeup also called prosthetic makeup is the process of sculpting, molding and casting techniques to make innovative cosmetic effects using makeup. Special effects makeup can be used in films and movies and for theater performances.

Actors use makeup to create illusions and enhance features or to completely change the way they look. Age is just one aspect that can be changed with special effects makeup. It starts with a life casting usually, the process of going for a mold of a body part (usually the face) to use as basics for sculpting the prosthetic, they are constructed of silicon silicone usually. Notable people in this field include; John Chambers focuses on planet of the apes, Howard Berger focuses on The Chronicles of Narnia film series and Gregory Nicotero in the Walking Dead.

In many cases companies do respond to consumer criticism. The trade-off between image and security is made by a great deal of people sadly and I think that many of these people are affected because of this. Most pediatricians, child psychologists, and other medical professionals advise against using diapers in old bed wetters because they feel it might harm the youngster’s self-esteem and self-image. This wouldn’t be the first time we are cowed with what professionals say as Stanley Milgram’s test and other psychology experiments so vividly show.

Parents could feel the same way also-they should use diapers for his or her bed wetter or want to give the child’s request to wear diapers to bed however they too might be affected by what the government bodies say. How and to what level do these factors interact with each other? I think it would be interesting to study this issue in depth. To make contact with self-image teenagers and teenagers are particularly sensitive and worried about self-image and the image that diapers conjure up generally in most people’s minds are babies.

Commercials also stress this. For example the advertisement for Huggies pull-ups has the following motto-”I’m a huge child now! ” the implication being that only infants wear diapers. It would be interesting to see how developmental psychologists experience this issue. We generally have certain preconceived notions about our child’s growth process and if they deviate from that in the slightest we become alarmed.

For example children should speak with a certain age, they need to read with a certain age, they ought to walk with a certain age, etc. I believe that the utilization of diapers to manage bed-wetting in older children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults is another example of a management technique that’s not fully accepted by most doctors and the public. Exactly like Naomi Judd had the courage to try alternative approaches to deal with her disease people must have the courage to use alternate methods to deal with bed-wetting. I think we have to reevaluate our attitudes on diaper use for old bed wetters for two reasons.

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As pointed out previously in some cases the pull-ups and “Goodnites” aren’t as able to protecting both youngster and the bed. The second reason is that it creates the person who has no other option but to wear diapers to bed feel they may be somehow inadequate. This in turn can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and the following depression.

In going over the books and opinions of several professionals regarding diaper use in older bed wetters one thing sticks out in my own mind-the position quo has a negative opinion of diaper use. The books and opinions are extremely constant regarding this issue-most people believe you shouldn’t keep a bed wetter in diapers past the age of four or five 5.After that the majority of people feel you need to use pull-ups or “Goodnites” only.