WHAT’S An IT Business Analyst?

What can be an IT Business Analyst? Many people often ask me what I do. I clarify to them that I am a liaison between your business and the IT department that coordinate the effort to implement new business functionality with IT systems. This effort is usually an attempt to streamline and automate daily business activities & processes that must definitely be conducted by business workers. I further clarify that I help the business to define what they want a computer system to do and communicate those needs to the individuals who create the computer programs.

That is a fairly simple explanation that most people unfamiliar with a Business Analyst can understand. However, that isn’t even close to determining the wide range of responsibilities that a Business Analyst is tasked with. In addition, it makes the role sound easy when in actuality it is definately not easy. It really is, however, pleasurable to us in the field that have a real skill for the obligations of a Business Analyst and a desire to deliver quality systems to meet up with the needs of our users.

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