As just a little kid, I used to be interested in Disney princesses, being goofy with my children and carrying out on stage. As I’ve received old, I spend a lot more time at the job and grocery shopping and I only talk to my children on the phone about once a week. Lebanon Community Theater’s production of Beauty and the Beast brought me back to my childhood. Entering this show – I’ll be honest – I had not been expecting much.

Beauty and the Beast, with all its glamour and magic, are not typically a good show choice for a grouped community theater with a less-than Broadway budget. Instead what I got was a totally home-grown production that exuded that same passion for theater and let-yourself-go family time. The ensemble is made up of primarily teenagers who managed to get clear that theater is their life. That they had me considering occasions when I’d practice touch-dance routines again and again in my own living room to the point that my mother would ask me for the love of God to stop.

Then I saw adults, who put their grown-up aside for a time and just release and acquired fun. The ensemble members closest to my heart was the Foley family, who all performed in Beauty and the Beast together, despite parents Stacy and Tag having only supported their children behind the moments ever. Although special effects were not top grade, the magic of this production came from the pure excitement of theater kids and first timers pouring their hearts onto the stage.

That being said, Beauty and the Beast didn’t succeed on the ensemble energy solely. Lead roles were played by hobby actors and theater majors who blew me away with their talent. Faith Brown (Belle) appeared as if a Belle you’d met at Disney World. But, when she began to sing, her voice was strong and beautiful therefore different to your typical Belle — it made every tune she sang (even the sleeper quantity ‘A Change in Me’) an 11 o’clock number.

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Another standout was Joshua Heck, who performed Lefou, Gaston’s sidekick. He nailed the hilarity of the role without having to be empty-brained too. I enjoyed every second he was on stage. The enchanted items surprised also, specially when nailing the difficult harmonies in ‘Human Again’. Though initially thought, Beauty and the Beast might not be the best choice for a grouped community production, Lebanon Community Theater’s version totally transformed my brain. This tale as old as time is a perfect way to get people involved in theater and unleash their foolish side. And, with a cast as dedicated to informing this whole tale as that one, it’s not necessary all the bells and whistles.

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