7 Tips To Relieve Itchy Skin After Pregnancy

These tips to care for itchy skin after pregnancy are brought to you in collaboration with AmLactin Skin Care. It’s the postpartum side effect that actually drove me crazy, but nobody beforehand warned me about it. I thought it would go on its own away, but 2 yrs later, I offer with itchy epidermis after pregnancy still.

Reading through being pregnant and childbirth forums on the internet showed me just how common this is among new moms. “Nothing seems to help! Not allergy medicine even! I poured over countless stories from other moms about how their lives were affected by itchy skin. And if you’ve experienced it too, then you know that I’m not talking about a little annoyance like a mosquito bite just. Itchy skin after pregnancy differs.

It feels like your skin layer is crawling. It feels like your skin is burning. We’re adults, and know better than to scratch, but sometimes you can’t make it. This might not be considered a life-threatening condition, but it is irritating and embarrassing excruciatingly. What causes itchy skin after pregnancy? Often, however, there is no obvious culprit.

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And that makes it more difficult to find a solution, or relief even. I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience; disclosure policy here. If you’re uncertain what is causing your skin discomfort, you may consider going to your healthcare provider. They can see whether there are any underlying serious medical ailments present.

If your doctor doesn’t have a clear answer, here are some tips that I used to finally find comfort. It is sometimes an activity of elimination in finding the combination that works for you! 1. Don’t use warm water to shower or bathe. Warm water dries out the skin and can lead to discomfort. Lukewarm or room temperatures are gentler on delicate skin. 2. Read the labels on your skincare products – it might be time to switch!

Pre-pregnancy, I possibly could use much any type of lotion with no side effects pretty. All that went out the window following the baby! EASILY am not extra careful about the lotion I use, my pores and skin will before feeling worse than. Browse the labels on all of your products! Note: There are good alcohols which function in different ways than those in the above list.

These so-called “fatty alcohols” have beneficial moisturizing properties: metal-alcoholic beverages, cetearyl alcoholic beverages, stearyl alcohol, behenyl alcoholic beverages, arachidyl alcoholic beverages, and myristyl alcohol. After an extended process of examining various lotions, I found one that did wonders that I experienced to share. AmLactin Ultra-Hydrating Cream significantly exceeded my expectations – it almost seemed like a magic! The first time I tried AmLactin Ultra-Hydrating Cream, I experienced instant relief. After a couple of days, the disturbing red bumps on my hip and legs started to vanish. After 2 yrs of worrying about itchy, bumpy epidermis, I finally could forget about my legs and go about my day!