Does Big Data Lack Of Big Trust

Though Big Data is hot, the entire success rate of analytics project is low, therefore, some business leaders are holding back investing data analytics due to lack of trust. Incidents of inaccurate analysis due to bad data or even down to incorrect model used for analysis have caused companies millions of dollars. So what will be the effective way to initiate and mange Big Data projects? Is there a platform that governs trust for data analytics? Focus on what you can actually do and avoid trying to solve all the world’s problems in a single go-round.

Start with an immediate business need and work the right path from there. The immediate need should have a big ROI to start and NOT revolve around a complete lot of data cleanup. Capture technology trend: If piecing together a framework, begin with fairly recent, forward-looking technological trends in data storage and computing that can generate realizable cost-savings and efficiencies today. This would give C-level executives the picture as a whole and a vision of where their world is headed.

But we’ll collect and communicate the project requirement, otherwise you have SCOPE CREEP on the hands and the task shall never log off the surface. Deep knowledge of the variant patterns and interactions of the data. This will help identify what transformations are needed and the way the missing values should be treated.

Identify data integrity issues. Remember that when they are found, they need to be discussed with the IT folks, as there could be solid-known reasons for the data being as it is. If these issues are immediately flagged to the professionals, the databases will begin to lose reliability and no one wins.

Any data mining/analytics project can be roughly divided into two parts: cleaning the info, and analyzing the info. For many data analytics tasks, half the fight is within the preparation of the info; not working with missing ideals but coding and normalizing as well just. The causes of Data Quality Issues: Data Quality can heavily depend upon the machine that captures data into computer files. It also depends upon the quality of the techniques of duplicate recognition (within or across data files) and the methods of filling in lacking data or ‘correcting’ contradictory mixtures of data.

Data Cleansing is often forgotten. Although the info-cleaning part is by the most time-consuming much, it is often overlooked during the planning stage. To acquire buy-in from senior management, it is important that they are educated up front about the data preparation phase. Sufficient time and resources must be budgeted to allow the info to be properly prepared in advance of any evaluation.

Without that, management will have unrealistic goals about the timing and ROI of results. Disappointment will be inevitable, and future data mining tasks shall be jeopardized. The criticality of data quality is also based on the business case: If there are systematic data issues that can be explained, the evaluation might be valid. For instance, if you are thinking about rank ordering predicted product performance (using the predicted values from some model), then your actual predicted values aren’t critical so long as the bias is spread across all products.

  • Experience with REST, NoSQL databases, Scala, TDD/BDD and CI/CD is a plus
  • The recognition of vendors who will assist with your recovery. They might include
  • “Watch your step. Maybe it’s your last.”
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