In the wake of recent political debates, political zeal is increasing in our country. Rhetoric is intensifying from the camps of contending candidates. The pressure is on to identify oneself with this one or that one, or to align from this other one. On social media, one’s position on a particular candidate has the potential to alienate some and infuriate others. But when we reach the finish of our lives, it ultimately won’t matter one iota that candidates we liked and which ones we didn’t, or which ones we voted for or against. And as important as the pressing issues at stake are for our nation, as of this true point along the way, remaining undecided continues to be a viable option.

But there are matters which it is impossible to be indifferent or undecided. Today Nowhere in Scripture is this more apparent than within our text. The Jewish authorities viewed this matter as a mere formality – a hoop through which that they had to jump in route to a certain verdict. It was to be always a slam dunk.

Drag Jesus before Pilate on the basis of their trumped up charges against Him, and get Pilate to signal off on the execution order. Pilate was known to be a cruel and harsh man, and they will need to have assumed that the killing of one more Jew would bring him great pleasure.

Pilate follows the right course but eventually falters in the conclusion. However, his footprints along that course help us come to the place of decision for ourselves. What shall we do with Jesus? I. We must consider Jesus for ourselves. Do you prefer Indian food? I really like Indian food. Now, if you had ago asked me a decade, I’d have said that I didn’t.

That’s because I’d never had it. I had developed often heard other folks say that they didn’t like Indian food, therefore I thought I do not try it. A tray was refused by me of curry chicken on a transatlantic flight once, but besides that, the closest I’d ever come for an Indian meal was watching the dinner scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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But after being put in a situation where I had no other choice but to consume Indian food, I noticed that those other folks I’d paid attention to (including Indiana Jones) acquired led me astray. I put to produce a decision for myself, not relax on the decisions of others. Obviously, it certainly doesn’t matter if you like Indian food, but it issues a great deal what you decide about Jesus. So you must decide for yourself.

Deciding for yourself means that you will not be persuaded by the baseless claims of others. Observe that Pilate went to the Jewish authorities and asked, “What accusation do you bring to the man?” Notice their answer: “If this Man weren’t an evildoer, we would not have delivered Him for you.” In what conceivable way does this answer Pilate’s question? No charges were got by these to bring against Jesus, and they knew it!