I Don’t Like To Exercise

Okay, It is admitted by me, I don’t like to exercise. I didn’t reach weigh 147 pounds more than I really do now by enjoying working out. However, what I really do love is my entire life right now. My entire life includes maintenance of a 147-pound weight loss that is possible by regular exercise. Obviously, there are other components of my weight-maintenance program but one of these is exercise.

The investment of only 30-45 minutes per day allows me to be more happy and healthy. Some people love to exercise. I’m not just one of those people. I didn’t pack on 147 excess pounds because I liked to exercise. What I do love though is my entire life. I am happy. I maintain my 147-pound weight loss for over six years.

Exercise is part of that equation. I really like maintaining my weight, eating healthy, sense truly happy. Exercise is part of my program to achieve the personal success of weight reduction. I’ve battled with maintaining physical exercise. My thinking is that for only 30 to 45 minutes a day a couple of days per week, I get to maintain my weight loss, feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

Things don’t hit me and I don’t feel like a victim of life. My weight loss has given me that! By exercising for a few moments from the 24 hours per day that you are given is a very small investment for the gigantic payoff of the happy life.

If only the currency markets and our overall economy would pay back in a large method for such a small investment! To continue exercising, I need motivation. Through training, I was able to come to the realization that 30 to 45 minutes per day a few days a week provides me a happier, healthier life for the 23-1/2 hours in the rest of my day.

  1. Higher good cholesterol
  2. Go on a bike trip
  3. Personalized to match your unique physiology and activity levels
  4. Bread omelette: 1 piece = 141.1 cal
  5. 2008 IFBB Sacramento Pro Figure Grand Prix 12th Place
  6. Accelerometer. It is designed to track your physical activity
  7. Hand in the proper execution at the front end desk
  8. 40% Carbs

Now, that is clearly a major payoff. That’s my motivation. Through coaching, you can too find yours. Motivation is produced or dismissed in your head. 1. Exercise out of the gym. All motion and activity equal exercise. Exercise is a mindset. Instead of drive around for 10 minutes looking for the closest parking space, park in the last row where there are no other cars and walk to your store virtually. You’ll receive there quicker, burn less gas and burn up more calories.

While others are mindlessly sitting on the escalator or spending minutes looking forward to the elevator, climb the stairs. Again, you’ll be there as the others are spending their time and hanging on to calories they could have burnt. Search for opportunities to be active. Exercise doesn’t count number as exercise if it is within the wall space of a fitness center.