Below are general instructions only. Directions vary by make and style of the router. Please, seek advice from your router’s operating manual before performing any kind of reset procedure, and always follow proper safety precautions indicated in your router’s documentation. PLEASE NOTE: The first step in this process will get rid of all your router’s configuration settings and established them back to their out-of-the-box manufacturing plant defaults. You will have to change all your routers settings such as your wireless network SSID, password, encryption settings, etc, after performing this task.

You will most likely have to hold the reset button from 10 to 30 seconds depending on your make of router. In the event that you keep it for too brief a time it’ll simply reset the router but won’t revert back again to its manufacturer default settings. On some routers you might have to use a pin or thumbtack to press the button if it’s recessed inside the router. Most routers have an online browser-accessible administrator web page that you must log in to in order to gain access to the router’s construction configurations. Some routers disable administration via wireless, so you will need to ensure that you are connected to the router via an Ethernet cable connection before attempting to access the router’s configuration page.

Most routers have what’s called a non-routable inner IP such as or That is an interior address that can’t be accessed from the web. Here are the typical admin user interface addresses utilized by some of the more popular wireless router makes. You may have to consult your specific router’s manual for the correct address.

4. Enter the default administrator login name (usually “admin”) accompanied by the default administrator security password. You must locate the default admin name and security password for your unique router by checking the manufacturer’s website or by Googling “Default Admin Password” followed by your router’s brand name and model. Be sure you enter a solid complex password for your router’s admin password. Should anyone ever lose this password, you will have to repeat the steps above.

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The DOB NOW team will review your demand. If it is approved you will receive an email to verify a gathering time as soon as verified, an Outlook and GoToMeeting invitation will be sent and distributed to you and the principle plan examiner or associate main plan examiner. If turned down, you shall obtain a contact notifying you of any additional information had a need to approve the demand.

Will conferences with Plan Examiners still be in person at DOB Borough Offices? Will the plan examiner researching my DOB Now: Build also be critiquing my applications for other work types posted in the borough or through eFiling? Do I want any special software to access this online meeting? How will the Plan Examiner know that I’ve taken care of immediately any objections? Who are able to schedule and attend meetings with a Plan Examiner?