CAD HELP CENTER friends Wish you all a very happy New Year which is 2012. Hope that everything is okay at the ends. You each is planning or making different plans for new season celebration. Its a long time that I have posted any new solution or made any answer all my friends. Personally I think very sorry because of this, but I believe you can understand my situation.

I was very much busy. Go To begin with mount the DVD in the drive and run the Launch.exe as shown above. This will highlight the NX 8.0 Software Installation menu as shown below. From you will see Documents here, Install License Server, Install NX, or can Get Composite Host ID. Select Install NX Now. This will start the installation of Unigraphics NX 8 on your Laptop or Computer or Machine.

Now you have to Choose Setup Language. The default vocabulary is English but you can select your choice.(Currently UG NX 8 is helping Chinese Simplified & Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish) This is only Setup Language. Click on Next Button Now. This will Show you the Setup Type Menu. Select Typical and Select Next button.

Keep the Destination Folder as it is and Select Next button. This will highlight Licensing Menu and ask one Enter Server Name or a License File. This will end up like 28000@cad-pc for my Computer or 28000@Your Host Name for your personal computer. You can Here check your personal computer name.

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  • Call to action,
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  • Open Windows Firewall on your machine and > select Advanced Settings on the left
  • Then right-click on your desktop
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  • Good sound quality
  • Hard drive partition information: (Image 1.4)

Then, Select Next button This will highlight NX 8.0 Language Selection menu. Select the Language where you want to set up the UG NX 8. This is the Vocabulary in which program shall run after installation. English is Default one, you decide on yours and then Click on Next Button just.

After that the set up will request you to review or change the Installation Setting. If the environment is OK then select Install Button or if anything wrong then click back again and repeat the above-mentioned process to reset all. After installing the Setup shall show you the InstallShield Wizard Completed.