You don’t always run into brain teaser questions, nevertheless, you have to be prepared, as they are very popular in investment bank interviews. Don’t worry if you can’t produce a remedy. This is ways to see how you deal with stress. Even if you don’t know the answer, it is a strategy to voice out your analysis and calculations to let the interviewer know your logic and how good your analytical thinking is. To save my amount of time in writing, I have found some popular questions for your practice.

Come back and check the answers tomorrow. Three envelopes are presented in front of you by an interviewer. One includes employment offer, the other two contain rejection words. You pick one of the envelopes. The interviewer shows you the material of one of the other envelopes then, which is a rejection letter. The interviewer now gives you the opportunity to switch envelope choices. You are given 12 balls and a scale. Of the 12 balls, 11 are similar and 1 weighs slightly more.

How do you find the heavier ball using the range only 3 x? You receive 12 balls and a size. Of the 12 balls, 11 are identical and 1 weighs in at EITHER somewhat pretty much. How will you find the ball that is different using the scale only 3 x AND tell if it is heavier or lighter than the others?

  • What is your biggest concern in terms of your investment getting affected
  • I can only contribute $15,000 and make the drawback of $12,500
  • Do you want the maturity beliefs of your investments to be non taxable
  • What’s the chance factor
  • 652 Example Street East

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