Atila and Treasure

Gruyangaz Artic Warrior to Promises and Shapali´s Tremendous Treasure

We are Paula and Glaston Chaves Meza, from Costa Rica.

We bred siberians since 1999.

Our first siberian was Terry, she was our pet home. She was a gift of our old brother.

After that We were interested in the show events, Then in 2003, we bought our first couple of siberians  for show, they are Caffu and Shapali´s Tremendous Treasure. Treasure was imported from Canada. After that we got Gruyangaz Artic Warrior to Promises “Atila” which is imported from Spain.

Treasure and Atila were our foundation producers. We bred her with 2 male imported from USA.

Now We bred many multi champions in more of 10 countries around the world. For example Italy, France, Russia, Canada, USA, India, Brazil, Phillipines, Spain,  South Korea, Indonesia, India, México, Costa Rica, Thailand, and more.

For us the most important is the Quality and not the Quantity.

We hope that you enjoy to visit our website

Have a great day!!!



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